please don't buy Azulejos of Lisbon at flea markets or antique shops, as most of them are stolen. By buying antique tiles you are encouraging the pillage and destruction of buildings like the ones in these photos.

More photos Rosa Pomar



one road

one road by Kazuo Kitai


singer chair

In addition to the previous blogpost, Bruno Munari's singer chair (1945). It is not optical illusion, its just for very brief visits.

Lucas Maassen

I found this image and was attracted by it, and it appears to be an interesting project by MoMA: 'Talk to me' (2011). This is called 'singing chair' and the artist quoted: “It's time to stop talking about chairs, and let them talk back at us.”


artist books

It's nice to see how artist books have reached a tradition in which you can see an evolution, yet, a tradition of making. Here you see an example of 1969, Marcel Broodthaers 'Un Coup de Dés Jamais N'Abolira Le Hasard'



Looking forward to some days off, in Barcelona, and already dreaming of the great food and great places as: Gallito, Bar Canete, Granja Petitbo
More great places you can find on this blog


Sophie Nys

Now at galerie Greta Meert, Sophie Nys instalations, films and photo


Chul-Hyun Ahn

Group show 'Korean shape' at gallerie Paris-Beijing



Marshall Mc Luhan and Quentin Flore, The Medium is the Message, 1967



David Hockney painting his large scale season painting, so great to see this atelier photo.

dartmoor 1968

Richard Long and his father walking at Dartmoor, England 1968. This is the 
front of an invitation card for the 'heaven and earth' exhibition of 2009 at Tate
There's something about this photo which makes it very beautiful. 


wood rug

Richard Woods has made rugs for Established an Sons based on traditional wood block printing. They are also for sale on Mephis shop, a great website 


midori brass

i love the japanese midori brass collection